Ab Fab Treasures

Victorian Moonstone HUGE bead necklace from Ceylon/Sri-Lanka. For sale on ebay.co.uk right now.  NOT GLASS !!

Vintage Amber Necklace. Passes every test for amber - including floating in saturated salt water.    Will start at just 99p on ebay.co.uk user ID  “wow_ab_fab_treasures”

Magical saphiret brooch - Victorian Bohemian art glass.  Brick red colour in some angles, shots of pure cobalt blue at others.  Created by adding gold leaf to the melt.

Absolutely fabulous !

Antique Victorian Bohemain deep topaz stone brooch - absolutely FABULOUS !

Perfect pink pointed Rivoli Swarovski rhinestones.  They add and discontinue stones all the time, so many colours are extremely rare.   Notice how the top of the stone is pointed, with facets leading to the point.  The foil is to enhance the reflective properties which with Swarovski crystal are already amazing!

Four beautiful blue vintage brooches.

Four gorgeous green vintage brooches.

Fabulous fifties brooch by ‘Exquisite’.

More colourful millefiori vintage beads.

More typical topaz Bohemian necklaces.