Ab Fab Treasures

Magical saphiret brooch - Victorian Bohemian art glass.  Brick red colour in some angles, shots of pure cobalt blue at others.  Created by adding gold leaf to the melt.

Absolutely fabulous !

Victorian Bohemian Antique Genuine Saphiret Jewellery.   WARNING - Beware you dont get caught and buy the German version made in the 1950’s which always has a gold foil on the back of the stones. It never looked so good as the original Victorian version. Genuine saphiret should not have any foil!   AND beware a US seller who bought a lot of 1950’s sapphirine stones and is (badly) resetting them into 1950’s jewellery.  NB  Each of these four pieces would cost you anything from £300 upwards…….

Rare saphiret buckle and brooch. Exceptional !