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Fabulous Iris Crystal Bohemian Necklace c1899 - Iris glass replicates the natural quartz which washes down the river Rhine near Gablonz. Rare to see in bead form, this and the previous four items are coming to ebay.co.uk very soon.

Rare Bohemian Iris glass - a Gablonz discovery. Made to immitate the natural rhinestones which flowed down the river Rhine through the town of Gablonz.

The more modern stones have more vivid colours, the Victorian pieces are more subtle and always set into brass.

Our American friends tend to call this ‘rainbow’ glass.

This is a vintage bracelet and matching earrings made in Bohemia (what is now the Czech Republic) probably sometime around the turn of the last century.

The stones were created by the Bohemians to imitiate the natural quartz which washed down the mountains into the river near Gablonz.  They were first used in the 1800’s but this demi parure probably is c1900.

As I hope you can see, each stone has a stripe of pink, blue and green i the foil on the back of the stone.

In America, these stones are often called ‘Rainbow’ stones, but they were originally called Iris Crystal stones.

Either way they are gorgeous!

This will appear on ebay.co.uk over the next week or so if anyone would like to buy it.