Ab Fab Treasures

Victorian Bohemian Antique Genuine Saphiret Jewellery.   WARNING - Beware you dont get caught and buy the German version made in the 1950’s which always has a gold foil on the back of the stones. It never looked so good as the original Victorian version. Genuine saphiret should not have any foil!   AND beware a US seller who bought a lot of 1950’s sapphirine stones and is (badly) resetting them into 1950’s jewellery.  NB  Each of these four pieces would cost you anything from £300 upwards…….

Rare saphiret buckle and brooch. Exceptional !

This necklace is made from what is often called “Carnival Glass”.

In this case, the beads underneath the coating are black, which seems to give a real depth to the ‘oil effect’ look on the surface of the beads.

The Czechs were masters of creating the most amazing art glass ever known.

These images are from my sales archive.