Ab Fab Treasures

Fabulous Iris Crystal Bohemian Necklace c1899 - Iris glass replicates the natural quartz which washes down the river Rhine near Gablonz. Rare to see in bead form, this and the previous four items are coming to ebay.co.uk very soon.

Egyptian Revivial 1920’s Czech Etched Raspberry Red long necklace, listing on ebay.co.uk this weekend.

The star of the show on ebay.co.uk  - with more than 50 people watching and lining up to snipe bid in the last few seconds.  Good luck everyone !

Antique vivid blue Bohemian Satin Glass brooch.  c1890.  Satin glass, invented by the Bohemians c1845 is best described as “whipped glass”.  It is the bubbles inside which give the glass its satin sheen. This was an expensive item back then, you can see in some images the silver wash, which has mostly worn off.   Coming soon to ebay.co.uk User Id “wow_ab_fab_treasures”

Czech Art Deco Necklace c1920

Aanother magical art glass made only in Bohemia.Czechoslovakia.  Called Mexican Opal by the makers, by collectors “Dragon’s Breath”.  The stones are totally clear, and pink in one view, in the others they present a firey purple veil. This is shown clearly on this bracelet which dates to the 1950’s  -  when this stone was last made.

Victorian Uranium (Vaseline) Blue & Yellow Bohemian necklace. Absolutely fabulous and available on ‘Buy It Now’ on ebay.co.uk under my username “wow_ab_fab_treasures”. It is a huge bargain - massive beads in almost mint condition.

Vintage Czech Cocktail Dress Ring c1900 with matching screw on ear rings.

Just listed both these rare beasts on ebay.co.uk

Two Antique Bohemian crystal dress rings.