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Rare saphiret buckle and brooch. Exceptional !

Very rare and unusual Bohemian Czech necklace made during the 1930’s from fan shaped crystals strung from a twisted silk rope necklace.

These images are from my archive but I believe I still have the necklace somewhere.

It is an extraordinary piece - apologies for the quality of the images.

This is another sparkler from the Czechs/Bohemians.  It is a necklace made up of beads which are ‘Diamond Cut’.  There are at least 60 facets on every crystal, which is why the light refracts so beautifully through them.

The glass melt from which these were made had a high content of iron oxide, which both makes them heavy and makes them refract more light.

This necklace is in the graduating style, from largest bead in front, to the smallest near the barrel twist clasp.  This dates it to the 1950’s era.

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Happy thanksgiving to our friends in the USA.

This simple brooch contains one of the rarest of stones - the huge central rhinestone is faceted to a central point and the stone is called Rivoli.

It was a technique and style which was introduced by the Swarovski company during their early years of innovation.

Forgot to point out that the main stone in the center is ‘Tiffany’ set - meaning only the tips of the prongs are turned over to hold the stone secure.  That in itself is a rare and unusual setting.

Daniel Swarovski, the founder of the company, was from a Gablonz glass making family.

When married he relocated from Gablonz to the Austrian Tyrol - not so strange when you consider that both areas were under the control of what was then the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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Blue Murano (Italian) Sommerso crystal bead necklace. So called Sommerso as the colour is submersed under a layer of clear crystal.

Exceptional rare and heavy 1950’s Hobe multi-strand crystal necklace strung on silver chains with very unusual rondelles and clasp.