Ab Fab Treasures

Unusual jet or vulcanite early Victorian brooch (c1840) with rose gold etched panel and rounded branch coral ornament,  for auction on ebay.co.uk right now for £9.99 (ID “wow_ab_fab_treasures”  SALE CLOSING IN TWO DAYS ON EBAY.CO.UK

Coral is hot right now - but it has been simulated since the 1890’s. So which of these do you think are genuine?

This is a necklace made in Bohemia at the turn of the century.  It is simulated coral which has been beautifully carved.  It is highlighted by three faux pearls.

The clasp is a very early one confirming that this gorgeous necklace probably dates to the early part of the 1900’s.

It is for sale on ebay.co.uk under my usual sellername “flipping-yesterdays-treasures-today”.

This is immitation red coral branch jewellery most likely made just after the turn of the century - c1910.

Everything natural was very popular having only been discovered during the Victorian era but most people still could not afford to buy it.

So the immitations started being produced to satisfy demand.

This one is particularly well done.  I had to test  the material to check it was not genuine Victorian branch coral it is so good.

It probably originated in the Bohemian area.  They were incredibly good artisans and very creative.

If genuine branch coral this necklace alone would be worth several thousand dollars.